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About the EIRIS Foundation

The EIRIS Foundation is a research, advice and advocacy charity that pioneers the next steps for sustainable finance. Our vision is a financial system that works for people and planet. We have over 30 years’ experience of providing free and objective information on sustainable finance and corporate activity to other charities and the public

Our mission is to use research, analysis and influence to identify gaps, barriers, opportunities and enablers so that we can help organizations and individuals maximise their contribution to the responsible business and investment agenda.

Our Strengths

The EIRIS Foundation is a founder of the ethical and responsible investment movement. From our historic involvement in the creation of the first retail ethical fund in the UK to our founding and ongoing role with the Corporate Human Right’s Benchmark (CHRB), our work illustrates our core strengths:

A pioneering spirit. We consistently bridge the gaps in what is needed, including on difficult, under-served topics.

Independence. As a charity, we can avoid conflicts of interest.

Catalysing coalitions. That trust, plus a wide network of long-standing connections, mean we can bring together broad collaborations when required.

Supporting innovations. We can both deploy innovations ourselves, and recognize and support great innovations from others.

Quality of methods and outputs. Our research findings are known for their independence and high standards.

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