Our strategy and goals

The EIRIS Foundation is a research, advice and advocacy charity that pioneers the next
steps for sustainable finance. Our vision is a financial system that works for people and planet.
We have over 40 years’ experience of providing free and objective information on sustainable
finance and corporate activity to other charities and the public..

We look for activities which use our strengths to have one or more of
these effects:
– Moving the money to more sustainable options and to finance sustainable solutions.
– Embedding values in the investment chain, from the saver/pension scheme member all the
way to the portfolio manager.
– Amplifying the sustainable investor voice on: company plans; leadership; and, business
We have the skills and experience to find solutions that bridge the gaps in today’s finance system.
We aim to have impact in several connected domains. Within each we build coalitions and both
generate and support innovations. The impact in each is money moved, values embedded in
investment decisions, and more pressure from sustainable voices. The cumulative effect moves us
towards a finance system that works for people and planet.

Our vision:

A financial system that works for people and planet.

Our mission:

To use research and analysis to identify barriers to people and organisations using investments to foster ethically responsible and sustainable business policies and practices; to identify opportunities to surmount these barriers; and to help investors to exploit these opportunities.

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