The EIRIS Foundation was founded in the 1980s and originated out of a group of churches and charities needing research to help them with their concerns about investing in companies contributing to Apartheid South Africa.

In the 1980s – 2016 the EIRIS Foundation was the sole parent company of EIRIS, a research agency providing environmental, social and governance research to investors. EIRIS has now become part of the merged entity Vigeo Eiris, distinct from the EIRIS Foundation.

Past activities by the EIRIS Foundation have included:

  • Increasing the numbers of charities investing ethically
  • Creating a new one-stop shop website on ethical money to promote responsible investment and encourage more consumers to choose ethical options as part of their financial planning
  • Working with charities and NGOs to explore how best they can influence the direction of responsible investment
  • Undertaking new research that is not yet commercially viable
  • Making responsible investment more widely practiced and/or more effective
  • Disseminating existing and new responsible investment research to a wider audience

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