Investment in Green and Ethical Funds almost doubles in 12 months as retail investors look to build back better

EIRIS Foundation releases latest market estimate for UK green and ethical funds  

Assets Under Management in UK green and ethical funds has shown phenomenal growth in 2021 to £61.12 billion*, according to the latest figures compiled by the EIRIS Foundation. The Foundation, a charity working in the area of responsible investment, is pleased to release its annual market estimate in advance of Good Money Week 2021, an annual campaign aiming to raise awareness of sustainable and ethical investment and finance. This figure is based on the funds under management figures of UK domiciled green and/or ethical retail funds.  This year’s estimate, almost double the total of £33.5 billion in 2020, reflects the shift in attitude from both consumers and the financial sector itself with regards to the need for investment products that take environmental, social and ethical issues into account.     

Peter Webster, CEO of the EIRIS Foundation, said: 

“It is worth pausing to reflect on the scale of this increase in green and ethical funds: last years’ growth nearly matches that of the whole 35-year history of such funds put together; total assets now exceed all but the very largest UK pension schemes. This is great news for those who have created, nurtured and promoted these options over the years and always believed there was a large unmet demand. But it’s also worth asking whether the sector is fully ready for its growing economic power? Is it ready to achieve all that might be possible on behalf of those who entrust their savings to the sector as the challenges of climate, biodiversity, social justice and economic resilience become ever more urgent? Transparency in approach, clarity of purpose and appropriate levels of ambition have never been more important” 

For further insights the EIRIS Foundation has released an additional commentary related to this year’s figure: Green and ethical investment in 2021: Looking behind the numbers


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Notes to Editor 

*Please note, this figure is estimated based on funds under management figures of UK domiciled green or ethical retail funds as at the 31st of August 2021. This seeks to avoid money in green or ethical funds domiciled outside of the UK. This is based on information available to the EIRIS Foundation, provided by fund providers or available through research. Funds for inclusion have been identified this year through SRI Services’ Fund EcoMarket Tool and some additional research by the Foundation.  

About the EIRIS Foundation 

The EIRIS Foundation is a research, advice and advocacy charity that seeks to bridge gaps and pioneer the next steps for sustainable finance to advance the vision of a financial system that works for people and planet. 

 The Foundation has over 30 years’ experience of providing free and objective information on ethical finance and corporate activity to other charities and the public. For more information please visit:  

About Good Money Week 

Good Money Week ( is a national campaign taking place from 4-10 October 2021 run by the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF), which is aimed at raising awareness of sustainable and responsible finance to help people and organisations make good money choices.