Strong growth for good money in 2018: EIRIS Foundation releases latest market estimate for UK green and ethical funds.

Investment in UK green and ethical funds has shown strong growth with a jump to just over £19 billion*, according to the latest figures compiled by the EIRIS Foundation. The Foundation, a charity working in the area of responsible investment, has released the estimate ahead of next week’s annual Good Money Week campaign. This figure is based on research which considers funds under management figures of UK domiciled green and/or ethical retail funds. This year’s estimate, significantly up from just over £16 billion in 2017, highlights a growing interest among consumers for investments that take a range of environmental and societal issues into account.

Peter Webster, CEO of the EIRIS Foundation, said:

“This latest figure doesn’t come as a surprise to those working in the sector. Numerous sources, from fund houses to individual advisers have reported a steady increase in interest from retail clients in what the green and ethical market has to offer. The EIRIS Foundation’s vision is a financial and
corporate system that encourages sustainable and responsible wealth creation. It’s clear from these figures that many retail investors are eager to play their part in moving in that direction. We look forward to even stronger growth in the future as we work with others to build a more sustainable economy.”

The EIRIS Foundation is currently working to update its website which provides free, independent and unbiased information on all aspects of green and ethical finance. The website includes sections on banking, investments, mortgages, credit cards and insurance to help consumers discover green and ethical product choices that will help build a more sustainable financial future.

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