Responsible investment and ethical money: EIRIS Foundation wants to help all charities put their money where their mouth is

The EIRIS Foundation is improving and adding to the resources and support it offers to charities. We want to hear from charities, of all shapes and sizes, about their perspectives on responsible investing and ethical money to help us do this.

At the EIRIS Foundation, we help charities align their money and mission and consider the social and environmental impact of the investment decisions they make. We strongly believe that charities have an influential role to play in shaping a more sustainable financial system.

We are particularly interested to hear about any actions charities have taken in this regard, what led your charity to create a responsible investment policy if you have one and/or what are the barriers you face to developing or further expanding this policy.

We have previously developed, in consultation with charities and other stakeholders, a ‘Charity Ethical Money Action Plan’ which is intended to be a roadmap for charities to help them consider all aspects of both their own financial choices as well as their influence on the finance sector. We are hoping to better understand what charities are doing currently and how we can help them do more by improving our existing resources, creating new online guides and helping charities find examples of what other organisations have done.

We understand charities are often very stretched for capacity and so we have 3 ways in which they can engage with us on these issues:

Answering a very short survey. (Will take 2 minutes).

Answering a slightly longer survey (Should take around 10 minutes).

Agreeing to have a more in-depth chat with us (30 minutes).

We are also looking for further case studies from organisations who are already active with regards to responsible investing or who have taken other actions to align their money and mission. If you have documented your experience, for example through a blog or report, or even if you can just give us a simple example of switching a financial product provider, then we would love to hear from you.

Basically we want to open up the conversation with charities about investments, money and the finance system, so that the sector as a whole can fully use the power of money and finance to create long-lasting positive change. If you would like to contact us about any of the above, please email [email protected].