EIRIS Foundation to scope social policy lobbying

The EIRIS Foundation are delighted to have picked up an exciting new project scoping for the best way to expand the ‘Lobby Map’ approach created by Influence Map to cover social issues. The project has the support of the Laudes Foundation and will build upon the work of Influence Map which identifies and publicises how companies and their trade associations are lobbying governments on climate related policy proposals.

A social equivalent could help to drive the roll out of effective Human Rights Due Diligence or to uphold new and established labour standards. The impacts sought would include enabling specific interventions by corporate stakeholders in favour of particular social goals. It would also create a “sunlight disinfectant” that would encourage and reward better behaviour on social policy lobbying from within companies. A first important milestone is the convening of various stakeholders in the form of a roundtable event being held on the 14th of September*.

The project is an excellent fit with the EIRIS Foundation’s mission, experience and expertise. Advancing consideration of the S in ESG and advancing human rights and human rights due diligence are important strands of our existing work. This project combines an area of engagement with individual companies with the bigger picture of building a sustainable economy, our key goal. 

A ‘social influence map’ leverages our experience of working with others to help create and establish the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark and then building research teams (and IT) to deliver that, currently for the World Benchmarking Alliance. We are delighted to start exploring this much-needed work that complements and builds on our history of providing objective and reliable data that different stakeholders can use to make a positive difference in a variety of ways.

The Social Influence Map Roundtable is taking place in London (and virtually) on the 14th of September from 2-4pm. The roundtable is invite-only however, if you are a relevant stakeholder working on social issues and you would like to attend (or if you would like to be kept informed about the project more generally) please email: [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate your request.