3 Things: 24/01/2020

‘3 Things’ shares 3 highlights of the week related to the work we do here at the EIRIS Foundation

1. Davos World Economic Forum 2020: ESG and sustainable investment were strong themes at Davos this week. Prince Charles called for the creation of sustainable markets. At the start of the week WEF’s published their Global Risk’s report. The top 5 global risks for 2020 are all about the environment. Read the report here: https://www.weforum.org/global-risks/reports. Business Green Davos coverage: https://www.businessgreen.com/tag/davos

2. World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) revealed the SDG2000, a list of the companies that have the most influence over our ability to move to a more sustainable future. The list – comprised of companies which collectively make up half of the entire global economy and are responsible for $43trillion in revenue – is part of WBA’s mission to measure the private sector’s impact and efforts in sustainability with one global accountability mechanism. More information: https://www.worldbenchmarkingalliance.org/the-sdg2000-the-most-influential-2000-companies-for-a-sustainable-future/

3. BSI launches first sustainable finance guide setting standards for financial institutions to align to global sustainability challenges. The free to download PAS provides common terminology and a set of principles to help organizations identify, develop and maximize opportunities that address sustainability challenges. The second PAS in the Programme, named PAS 7341 Responsible and sustainable investment management – Specification, is currently being developedIt is available for public comment until 28th February 2020 on the Standards Development Portal.

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