EIRIS Foundation’s million-pound question

Which responsible investment solution represents the best value for a charity equally concerned with its financial future and a financial system that works for people and planet? The EIRIS Foundation has earmarked £1 million of capital that it is looking to invest in ways which align with its mission and work.  

The EIRIS Foundation are looking for managers or advisors who take an ethical and sustainable investment approach that adds value by understanding the impact of ESG factors on Enterprise Value, putting money to work in sustainable growth opportunities and demonstrating positive ESG impact through engagement and Stewardship activities. The deadline for responses is the 14th of June.  

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their proposals to the EIRIS Foundation’s trustees and members of staff during a webinar which will also be open to other charity attendees. The webinar will be an opportunity for other charities, who may also be looking to invest a relatively small amount of money, to improve their understanding of the market and what their options are. 

The Foundation will consider responses from firms who will manage investments directly, organise a portfolio of funds on its behalf or who provide a single-fund solution. It is searching for an asset manager with a high standard of ESG understanding and integration, who is supportive of its objectives and responsible investment policy.  
Download the full Request for Proposals

View the EIRIS Foundation’s Responsible Investment Policy

Please see answers to questions received from potential bidders by 31st May. The deadline for potential bidders to ask questions has now passed and the answers are provided in the document.

Lisa Stonestreet, Head of Communications and Charity Impact at the EIRIS Foundation: 
“Taking inspiration from The Friends Provident Foundation’s excellent ESG Olympics event and report, we hope that by making our process public and holding a webinar that other charities are invited to attend, we can assist both smaller charities and those who may be interested in investing some capital in a more responsible and sustainable way. We know that it isn’t always easy for charities to be fully aware of their options.” 

Hetal Jani, Charity Impact Co-Ordinator at the EIRIS Foundation: 
“Our recent research regarding charities and responsible investment suggests that it can be, and can feel, more difficult than it should for charities looking for sustainable and responsible investments. Smaller charities in particular aren’t always aware of some of the great opportunities available to them that can help their money be a part of how they achieve their charity’s objectives. We’re looking forward to sharing the process we are going through ourselves so that others can benefit from our experience.” 

If you require any further information, please contact Hetal Jani [email protected]. Please note that we will be happy to answer any questions received by the 31st of May and we plan to post answers to any significant questions received by the 4th of June to ensure all potential candidates receive equal clarity.